Yoga Videos

Enjoy the assortment of yoga videos below. There are four different categories: Yoga Videos, Restorative Videos, Chair Videos, and PiYo Videos.

Yoga Videos:

  • Short Yoga Practice 27mins:
  •  Short Yoga Practice with a focuses on shoulders and hips.

  • Yoga- Open Hips (1hr):
  • Enjoy this hour long yoga practice that focuses on opening the hips.

  • Yoga – Core (25mins):
  • Short yoga sequence with a focus on building strength in your core and with balance.

  • Yoga – Low Back & Hips (54mins):
  • Enjoy this yoga practice that focuses on the low back and hips.

  • Heart Opening Yoga Practice:
  • Enjoy this yoga class that focuses on shoulders and opening the heart. ❤

  • Yoga-Open Hips (1hr):
  • Enjoy this open hip practice.
  • Warning: This was a live class from zoom, forgot to start recording until about halfway into the opening/beginning of the practice.

  • Bed Yoga – Shoulders & Neck (1hr):
  • Enjoy this hour long bed yoga practice. Focus is on Neck and Shoulders.
  • WARNING: Practice is heavy on Wrist! They may get tired, please honor your body when you need to relax or pause for a moment before moving on.

  • Yoga- Core. Balance, & Hips:
  • Enjoy this yoga practice that focuses on building strength in your balance, core, and hips.
  • Warning: video stopped recording at one point, so there is a weird spot. Also, a few mistakes here and there but I truly try to be authentic in my teachings. Hope you enjoy it.

  • Yoga- Core & Shoulders (1hr 15mins):
  • This practice focuses on shoulders and building core strength.

  • Yoga (1hr 16mins):
  • This practice helps to open hips and helps to work through and release shoulder tension you might be having. Really this is a good overall (little bit of everything) practice.

  • Yoga – Great Overall Practice (with shoulders in mind – 1hr 17mins):
  • Enjoy this yoga practice that is a great overall practice with a little focus on releasing shoulder tension.

  • Yoga – Shoulders & Hips (1hr 16mins):
  • Enjoy this class with a focus on shoulders, hips, and a little core.

  • Yoga- Side Body & Shoulder Stretching:
  • Enjoy this hour long practice that focuses on twisting, side body stretching, and helping to release shoulder tension. Also, this is a good practice to help with digestion.

Yoga- Full Body Stretching:

  • Yoga – Open Hips Practice:

  • Yoga – Legs (54mins):
  • This practice is heavily focused on legs.
  • Warning: I change the music a few times, wasnt the best of songs that played. At one point a strand of lights fell down so I had to edit that part out and you may notice the light changes in the video. Again just trying to be authentic in my teachings, but I apologize for any distractions it may cause.

  • Yoga – Core & Stretching The Body:
  • Enjoy this Yoga Practice that focuses on strengthening the core and stretching the body

  • Yoga- Warrior Practice:

Yoga – Twists, Core, & Strength Building:

  • Yoga – Shoulders, Core, and Legs:
  • Enjoy this practice that focuses on shoulders, legs, and building core strength.

Yoga- stretch & strength:

Yoga- Open Hips & Twists:

  • Yoga – Backbends & Side Stretching:

  • Yoga- Core, Open Hips, & Shoulders:

  • Yoga – Shoulder Focused Practice:

  • Yoga – Stretching & Balance

  • Yoga – Shoulders, Legs, and Twists:

Yoga – Legs, Core, and Balance:

Yoga – Hips, Shoulders, & Twists:

Yoga- Knees & Legs:

Yoga- Stretch & Strength with Twists:

Yoga- Shoulders & Some Core:

Yoga- Back, Hips, & Shoulders:

Yoga- Neck & Shoulders:

Yoga- Stretching & Shoulders:

Yoga- Shoulders + feet & hands:

Yoga- hips, twists, & side stretching:

Yoga- core, hips, glutes, legs, + low back:

Yoga- Open hips & knees:

Yoga – stretching, lengthening, and twisting:

Yoga- A little detoxing style practice:

Yoga – Shoulders and Open Hips Practice:

Yoga – stretch and strength +hips:

Yoga – Core Focus:

Yoga – hips, legs, and twists:

Yoga-hips, legs, and IT band:

Yoga- Core & More:

Yoga- Full Body +Hips:

Yoga- an open hips practice:

Yoga- Stretch and Strength (#2):

Yoga- Shoulders & Back Bending:

Yoga – little bit of this and that:

Gentle Floor Yoga +Open Hips:

Restorative Videos:

  • Restorative Bed Yoga:
  • First yoga video created. Made a few mistakes and some weird faces, but that’s all a part of learning and being authentic. Hope you enjoy this relaxing restorative yoga practice that you can enjoy in bed.

  • Restorative Bed Yoga #2:
  • Enjoy this restorative bed yoga practice with a focus on lower back and hips. All you will need for this practice is 3-4pillows.

  • Gentle + Restorative Bed Yoga:
  • I woke up inspired to teach a bed sequence with a focus on shoulders. Enjoy this gentle bed yoga with some restorative postures sprinkled in.
  • **WARNING: The video quit recording at one point and there are a few background noises. Hope you enjoy regardless of these few issues.

  • Restorative Yoga (1.5hr):
  • Enjoy this relaxing restorative yoga practice.
  • Props Needed: 1 or 2 bolsters/pillows, 1 or 2 blocks/big books, and a blanket.

  • Restorative Yoga #2 (1hr 12mins):
  • Props needed: 1 bolster/pillow, 2 blocks/books, 1-2 blankets

Restorative Yoga (40mins): Enjoy this short restorative yoga practice (2 blocks & 2 bolsters/pillows – a blanket is optional)

Chair Yoga Videos:

  • Chair Yoga:
  • Enjoy this chair yoga practice. All you need is a chair preferably without arms.

  • Chair Yoga #2:

PiYo Videos:

  • PiYo 1 – Part 1:
  • Enjoy this short PiYo workout routine. It is only 20 minutes long because I thought it was at 30mins when I stopped, my bad.
  • I suggest watching this video two time so get a good 40 minute workout. But, if one time is enough, that’s fine too.
  • Please drink water – stay hydrated!

  • PiYo 1 – Part 2:
  • Part 2, enjoy. I suggest two rounds of this video &/or even in conjunction with ” Piyo 1- part 1″.