Livin’ Sublime Wellness, LLC offers a range of holistic services such as hatha yoga, restorative yoga, mediation classes, reiki, counseling, workshops, and more.

Located in a quiet area in Wentzville, Missouri, this space is created with you in mind. A place where you can create a feeling of being grounded and centered, where you can be free from the distractions of everyday life, and have a safe place for you to find community, to heal, and to grow.

Yoga Etiquette

  • Sign up via link before class – only 10 spots available at max
  • Be on time (doors open 15minutes before class), if you arrive after class has started please come in quietly and settle in (doors may lock about 5minutes after class starts).
  • Sign-in each time you arrive.
  • If you bring your cellphone in – please turn it off or put it on silent.
  • Remove your shoes as you enter the space.
  • Be respectful of the space and others by putting all of your non-yoga items in a cubby.
  • Please be aware when others in the space are settling in or meditating before class starts, try to keep voices low.
  • Be tidy and after class put borrowed props back mindfully and neatly.
  • Bring a refillable water bottle to class and wear clothes that you can move & bend comfortably in.
  • Follow the COVID guidelines.

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